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Just a few of the most recent wonderful comments on my editorial/publishing work.

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"Really good job done – it takes a lot to impress me and I am very impressed what you have achieved"

JP Hatchard

I offer a friendly specialist
service for writers who may struggle to find assistance elsewhere.

Dyslexia-friendly service

Transcription of hand-written

or recorded work

Assistance where English is second language

Layout and formatting for

ebook and printed book

Cover design

Voice recording

for audio book

Liaison with
printers etc

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'I believe there's a platonic ideal for every book that is written, like there's the perfect version of the book somewhere in the ether, and my job is to find what that book is through my editing.'
- Sheila Heti​

"...my ever-grateful thanks must go to my publisher, Lesley Atherton. It is Lesley’s unfailing support of my work, especially during this uncertain time, that has been a beacon of hope, providing the impetus and encouragement to drive me forward. Her enthusiasm and love of words never fails to impress me"

Dr David Holding

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"Thanks so much for everything"

Annie Woods

I am a Creative Writing (Novel) Masters Graduate (MMU) and a BA (Hons) Graduate in Philosophy. Despite having thirty years of experience in proof-reading, editing, writing copy and publishing, my library of grammar reference books is continually consulted, as are other spelling, grammar and flow tools. I'm happy to provide examples of work should you require them.

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