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And Tide

paperback £6.99

kindle £3.99

isbn 9781717925404

available from Amazon

pages 174

Brilliant Short Reads

‘…and Tide’ is the second volume of published work from the Horwich-based writing group, Write You Are. This supportive writing group meets each Tuesday morning, and members are encouraged to contribute by reading their own works of poetry or prose. The group also run intelligent and fascinating sessions on subjects useful to the development of their writing craft. Some of the written work inside ‘…and Tide’ has come about as a result of these sessions, or as homework assignments.

‘…and Tide’ is a diverse collection of short works, ideal for dipping into while commuting, on a tea break, or at bedtime.

Contemplation, Poetry, Thoughts, Stories and Ideas…

Despite the dark-at-times subject matter, the book is nevertheless uplifting, containing as it does short stories which are interspersed with (even shorter) poems and reflections on life, relationships and locations.

Memories are expounded.
Life is considered.
Relationships, in particular, are analysed.

We read of leaving an abusive relationship, and the cruelty of a children’s home house mother. We also read of bike-mending togetherness, the uncovering of purple vegetables at a well-used allotment, and memories come to the fore at the well-loved beach landmark, Simpsons Folly.

Local-ish touches (Heptonstall Churchyard) combine with thoughtful, beautiful and strong writing on subjects such as the life of a doll, the shades of grief, and the delusional daughter dreams of a weary waitress.

​​​​​​​Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

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"Warm glow time" - PW

"I've not been able to concentrate for long since suffering a stroke a year back. Perfect for me" - KA

"I feel sad and happy at the same time. I really liked the book, and wish my own writing group would do one just the same. It would be super to get our stories in a book like this that we can give friends as presents" - D McD

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