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paperback £5.99

kindle £1.77

isbn 9781739112028

available from amazon and smashwords

pages 200

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Brilliant Short Reads

This book is volume 1 in an ongoing series of short stories, perfect for reading at bedtime, tea breaks, or while travelling and commuting.  

Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of compassion, and of humour.  

  • Mild insanity in a greasy spoon cafe.  

  • Life-changing and hair-changing epiphany at the hairdressers.  

  • Stuck in a lift with the office bitch - how sweet is revenge.  

  • Revenge and recriminations.  

  • Insomniac ramblings.  

  • An intruder in the cupboard: another in the attic.  

  • Poverty, making ends meet, and recovery.  

  • Hoarding and mental health issues.  

  • The horrifying return of an absent (and unwanted) ex-partner.  

  • Nosy monologue.  

  • Dance of a supernova.  

  • Santa, domestic abuse, and second chances.  

  • And so much more.

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​​​​​​​Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

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