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paperback £5.99

kindle £1.77

isbn 978-1-7391120-8-0

available from amazon

pages 145

Brilliant Short Reads

This book is volume 7 in an ongoing series of short stories, perfect for reading while travelling and commuting. Inside you’ll find intriguing tales of revenge, of enlightenment, compassion and humour.

Volume 7 of Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep features quite a bit of verse and a few 100-word stories. Also, there’s a lovely feel to the book, with the down-to-earth, Routine Rum and Pep, and memories of losing an 82,000 word novel, alongside short, sweet stories and thoughtful writings. There’s so much to this little book, so if you struggle to find a novel that relaxes you at bedtime, try this short story anthology instead. A truly brilliant and relaxing short read!

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Can't Sleep, Won't Sleep, short story series.

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