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The Waggon Final Cover with Caravan 249w.jpg

paperback £8.99

kindle £2.99

hardback £14.99

isbn 9781739112004

available on amazon

pages 353

A Poignant and Very Human Tale of Love, Loss and a Painted Caravan

Blue, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, and her mum, Ellen, lose the most important man in their lives. Reuben was a dad and husband, and when he passed away he left more than the usual legacy. 

Before his illness struck him down for the final time, Reuben had almost completed his life's pleasure - the restoration and decoration of an old painted caravan that he called 'The Waggon'.

It is now up to Ellen and Blue to attempt a journey in the waggon, on a route predetermined by Reuben... and to confront and overcome some of the more challenging elements of loss, teenage life, shocks and surprises.

This is a novel that's in some ways an easy holiday read, but in other ways, full of psychological insight.

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