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but i don't NEED an editor

I can't say this often enough...

Even if you are the most skilled and experienced writer, you will benefit from an experienced editor's eye - both to catch those typos you've missed and to assist with your work's development and flow. 


OK, the example on the Before and After page may not represent your own work, but taking raw materials and turning them into something beautiful is what I love to do.

My aim is to improve your documents to the precise level you require, to ensure your edited work is no less yours.


If you want a heavy edit, that's fine. If you simply wish me to look for typos and errors, that's also fine. I'll lay out your document, save it in your preferred format and can even liaise with printers etc on your behalf. We can have a phone, email or Zoom conversation to discuss options in advance.

My editorial service could make the difference between your work being published and it ending up on a publisher's slushpile.

Contact for a free no-obligation quote. It's time to begin your own writing story. 


Words Are Life are taking on no new books or other projects of any kind until further notice.  Don't worry though... books already published are still accessible on Amazon. We will be back.

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