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It's Been Quite a Couple of Weeks!

Here at Words Are Life, we've published 3 very different books. Click on the covers to find out more, and to purchase.

Our first was 'Justice Delayed: Hillsborough Revisited' by Dr David Holding. It goes into the tragic events at Hillsborough from a legal perspective.

Available as paperback and e-book.

Our second recently published book was 'The Waggon' by yours truly. It's a really gorgeous book. I'm so proud of it...

The final of the three feels like a bit of a throwaway as it's in ebook-only format for now. There are plans to publish 'Crash Test Dummy' alongside 'Big Heart' and another couple of novelettes/novellas in the coming months - much as was the case with 'Conflict Management'.

'Crash Test Dummy' is an unusually internalised tale of a man with big problems and far too much responsibility for his own liking.


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