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Finish this Star Wars Story

Why not try to finish this slightly derivative story begun by a very clever and very young man?

There was a big metal door. It was painted silver and the door knocker was Yoda's head.

A little boy comes to the door and he knocks with the Yoda's head door knocker.

It takes only a couple of seconds before the door is opened. Nobody is there. The little boy walks through the door and it makes a slamming noise behind him. He is in a strange house. It is very big and looks old because it has no roof and is a ruin. He wonders if it was the wind that opened the door.

The little boy is seven years old and his name is Bob.

Bob walks around and sees a lot of strange things like strange stuffed animal heads on the wall that he hasn't seen before. He walks into the big dark living room which still has a roof on it. Then he sees a black cape under a multicoloured chair and he sits on the chair and tries to reach the cape underneath him but he accidentally presses a button beside him with his elbow and the chair spins round. It gets so blurry that he can't see until he gets transported to a big black wood with lots of birds in it and strange little creatures. He recognised that one of the strange little creatures was stuffed on the living room wall he'd just been in.

The little things were screaming in a good way saying ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’. Bob wondered who they were and then their chief came along.

The chief shouted and Bob ran off.

He ran back to the chair but when he sat on the chair and pressed the button it wouldn't transport him back to the room so he had to stay there for the night with the little creatures fixing it. In the morning he got disturbed in his sleep by a large BANG! He looked out of the window of the tree house where he was staying and saw one of the creatures had a black face and the chair had blown to pieces because they had broken it while they were trying to fix it. Then Bob had to try and find a way out of the big woods without the transporter chair so he went on a walk by himself and saw some white dressed people and Bob said ‘Who are they?’.

Bob went over and asked them ‘Do you know of a chair to transport people to a ruin?’. Then they said ‘Who are you?’. He said ‘Bob’. ‘So, Bob,’ said a white-dressed man. ‘why are you here?’. Bob said ‘I am here for no reason at all. I came here in a chair. Do you know it?’.

Then the strange little creatures came along again and the white dressed men shouted ‘Ewoks!’ and Bob said ‘Ah that's what they are!’ and he remembered that one of the white dressed people had their head on the wall in the living room as well and remembered that it said on the top ‘Bad Scout Trooper’. Bob started punching the scout troopers and they started to attack him but when the chief came along he brought more ewoks and when the first scout trooper came along he brought more scout troopers and they started to fight!

Bob tried to get out but the scout troopers kept on trying to shoot him. Just that moment the ewoks came to him with a big wooden stretcher which was carrying his repaired chair. Bob ran to the chair, sat on it, pressed the button and he went off back to the living room and went home.

But that's not the end of the story. What happens next?

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