Dr Buck Ruxton was an Indian born in Bombay in 1899 who eventually became a Lancaster GP. But this same doctor strangled his wife, killed his maid who had witnessed the incident, and dissected their bodies ready for disposal in an isolated Scottish ravine.   Once the ‘jigsaw’ of body parts was discovered, painstaking investigation took place, which culminated in the eventual arrest and charging of Ruxton with the murders.   This case is primarily remembered for the innovative forensic techniques employed to identify the victims, many of which are now standard practice in forensic science.  This work involves the reader in every stage of the case, from the initial suspicions, through the police and forensic investigation, and culminating in the trial itself. The reader is provided with all the evidence available to investigators and the jury at the time. This will enable the reader to place themselves in the position of a juror at the trial and ultimately draw their own conclusions based on this evidence.    One of the most publicised trials of 1930s UK.

The Trial of Dr Buck Ruxton

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