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Feet on the Table: An Enormous Book of Tiny Stories

You Will Have Never Owned A Short Story Book Quite This Massive!


Flash fiction and short stories in one enormous coffee table book! ?


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


 Short and dark stories for the curious, for the world-weary and for those caught in the midst of life's challenges. Light and uplifting stories for life's optimists, free-thinkers and creative spirits.


This book of short writings is what happens when lemonade gives you heartburn, when the glass was unwashed and you contract something nasty, only to find you can't get antibiotics. When light and dark compete, can there ever be a winner?


The author loves the human condition's simultaneous strength and frailty, as well as the innate ability we all possess to reflect on both and to thereby discover and understand more of our own personal idiosyncrasies. Art and literature grant us unbelievable vicarious pleasures and pains, and we will only grow from their appreciation.


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Feet On The Table: An Enormous Book Of Tiny Stories

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Feet on the Table: An Enormous Book of Tiny Stories

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