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Missed the Boat (You Don't Have to be Funny to be Funny)

Missed the Boat (You Don't Have To Be Funny To Be Funny): From Drummer to Singer/Songwriter, Stand-Up Comic, Actor, and now... Author!


If I could walk out the front door straight onto a stage, pick up the microphone and entertain, come off stage and walk straight back through the front door, there would be no problem. Without a doubt, I would stay working the stage till the day I pop my clogs. But it isn't like that. You pack your car, drive to the gig, spend ages finding it (no sat nav in them days, how did we survive?), drag your gear in, set it all up, do a sound check, wait around while the bingo takes place, endure the raffles, get changed then perform, change again, drop your gear, reload the car back up drive home, get KFC on the way, fill up with petrol, arrive home, unload your car then have a goodnight brew.


I would spend all day and every day prior to a gig worrying and thinking about a valid excuse as to why and how I could get out of actually doing it. I'd be thinking up excuses I could use to cover my tracks as to why I didn't want to do it! It was time to call it a day.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

Missed the Boat (You Don't Have to be Funny to be Funny)

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