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Wartime Tales: The Taming of the Snoek and Other Stories

Wartime Tales: The Taming of the Snoek is a poignant little book that splits itself between tales of combat, of battle fatigue, and of keeping the home fires burning.


"If you want to better understand about the horrors of war, try 'The Officer' or 'Death Day' - both by Denis Kirkham.


If you want to see war from the home-side, Isabel from 'Isabel's Kitchen' might just seem like your own gran. And the true story of 'The Telegram' will make you anxious with anticipation" - DC


You may be wondering where the book's subtitle emerged from. The publisher was inspired by a wartime cookery book which mentioned snook or snoek, a nourishing but not entirely palatable fish introduced as a good form of protein into the UK's diet during the Second World War. It was known to be unpalatable so many said it needed 'taming'. The format also came from the Shakespeare play, The Taming of the Shrew AND simultaneously, The Hunting of the Snark poem by Lewis Carrol, although neither have influenced this volume in any other way!


Wartime Tales is quite simply a collection of short stories and a few poems that look at various themes connected with war and violence, homecoming, loyalty, team spirit, desperation, hunger, boredom, collective spirit, unexpected events and sheer, unbounded joy.


With some controversial writings and other more domestic and homely pieces, I believe these writings will really make the reader think.


With award-winning cover art by 13 year old Morrigan, Wartime Tales is a perfect thought-provoking read for those quiet moments, and the contributors hope you enjoy reading it.


For years, short stories and novelettes have been neglected and considered to be lesser art forms in comparison with the longer novel, but there is a place for all forms of fiction. Reading on holiday, when travelling or commuting, or when waiting in a doctor's waiting room - all these situations call for something stimulating and interesting to pass the time, but also something that will not be too complex concentration-wise. Shorter stories are ideal, and we are championing their return to favour.


Published by Words Are Life. Do support independent publishers!

Wartime Tales: The Taming of the Snoek and Other Stories

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