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The Wasamaroo and Other Poems

The Wasamaroo' by Sally James is a wonderful tried and tested book of children's poems. For giggles at bedtime. For soothing familiarity. For reading aloud. For reading together.


Author Sally James is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother of a huge and much loved brood I've seen photos of the massive family gatherings... So, who would be better than Sally to create a book to read aloud to those children.


The Wasamaroo collection is an anthology of nonsense rhymes and silly poems, all of which have a track record of being read out loud to many of the children in Sally's family. Sally also specialises in Lancashire dialect writing, and though there is no dialect writing in The Wasamaroo it has a strong local feel. Her writing is quirky, comforting and friendly. Nobody who knows Sally would ever think she'd write anything otherwise...


Illustrated throughout with small drawings done by the publisher's two children when younger, and with a cover created by the publisher's son (again, in years gone by), this gorgeous little book is lots of fun to browse, even for adults. Just imagine the young ones in Sally's family, listening to her read while snuggled on the sofa, and later learning the nonsense rhymes to repeat themselves. Your children could do the same. You could use rhymes in The Wasamaroo as an incentive for the children to write their own poetry too.


Please support Sally and her writing. We sincerely hope you enjoy this book, and that your little ones do too.


Sally's writing in five words: Quirky funny serious thought provoking.


Sally's description of herself: A mixture of happiness and sadness trying to make sense of the world I find myself in.


Little Fishy

I had a little fishy,

I won it at the fair,

it looked so sad and lonely that I wished I'd won a pair

so I put another in the bowl they swam around like mad

and now there are lots of little fishes looking just like dad.

The Wasamaroo and Other Poems

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