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Fantastic edition! Totally loved it! And the music, a delish!!! Thank you so much, Lesley! Iulia


Thanks Lesley, some great stuff today


Another great show girl great music great poetry a job well done respect for you always


It was simply wonderful! A sheer delight! Thank you so much! 


I can't wait for the show tomorrow, it really spurs me on and brightens up my day

Peter Mc

Beautifully done, Lesley, thank you.


I really enjoyed the show today and thank you for adding some backing music to my poem. I thought your short story was beautiful and I really felt like I was on that tranquil shore with you.


a great show girl enjoyed very much <3 Guppyman I hope we can work together always <3 Guppyman


I have always been moved by the story of The Rubaiyat. Fitzgerald could not find a publisher, and had a back street printer print his work in a little book, which did not sell. It was being sold off at 1 penny each. He was living like a vagrant, when Dante Gabriel Rossetti, one of the pre Raphaelites, saw it , and from then on it was famous. How could such a beautiful work be missed? You are doing the same, and God bless you.


Very refreshing to find someone willing to help others in the publishing world.
I hope you go from strength to strength. Frank

David G-B

“I want to thank you for what you are doing for people like me. I didn't have a hope in hell of getting published with the traditional publishers. What you are doing is giving us a chance.”

Jackie Hutchinson

Lesley’s comments on my Poetic Desires were greatly inspiring; a writer herself, she has taken the time and trouble to read the whole of my poetry collection. She has recognised the therapeutic qualities and emotional feelings that I endeavoured to convey through my writing. The diverse range of my literary verses, depicting various genres, structures, moods and language, Lesley has so accurately portrayed in her analysis. My philosophy has always been to think ’outside the box’ to add spontaneity and freshness to my poetry. In my view, I feel Lesley has captured my sentiments hugely, honestly and with immense warmth. Lesley, as I know they genuinely have been expressed from your heart, thank you and best wishes!

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