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Word Challenge

Asked to create a short story from the following words:

parting, unbelievable, identical twin, jovial, cryptic, rain, marmalade, watermelon, drone and jet, I came up with the following.

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow,’ she mumbled.

Unbelievable. I looked over at Jodie, my identical twin. She was a pretentious arse much of the time, to be honest, but today she really was pulling out all the stops. ‘Why are you quoting Romeo and Juliet at the breakfast table?’ I asked, with a smile which attempted to be jovial. Perhaps I wasn’t being obvious enough. Perhaps she just thought I was weird or even cryptic in my questioning. I’d never know. She shrugged at me and stuck her tongue out.

Breakfast times had become strange in our new flat. She, a literature student would smother marmalade on her toast and read Shakespeare. I would slice my watermelon and succulent peaches and consider my degree in aeronautical engineering. I’d set up my drone and dream about jet engines.

Identical twins? In some ways, but mostly not!

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